With your reader card

As soon as you receive your reader card (having visited the Bulac to finish your registration) you can get access to the documents in our collections.  

When you have completed your pre-registration you can already search for documents in the online catalogue.  

Requests to consult books are made using the library catalogue:

when you log in using your reader account :

  • In advance: you can order documents in advance - up to 15 days before you come to the library. Your documents will be made available at the reception desk on the garden level and should be returned to the same place when you leave the library.
  • At the library: you can order books for immediate delivery from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 18:15 pm. Your documents will be made available 45 minutes after your request has been registered at the reception desk on the garden level. They should be returned to the same place when you leave the library  

You can order up to 10 documents per day (and 60 documents if you are a teacher/researcher from another country and have reserved a carrel place).  

If you have not finished consulting your documents at the end of your day, you can have 5 put aside for you for a period of 6 days at the office were you brought them back to. They will be given back to you when you come back to the library and after the 6 day period they will be put back on the shelves.    

Access to documents in the library reserve section  

The Reserve section reading room is dedicated to the consultation of documents made directly available in the room or kept in the collections along with fragile documents or documents whose format requires special handling.

The Reserve section has a wealth of several thousands of volumes including the manuscript collection, ancient prints and our most precious works.  

If you wish to consult this type of document, it is best to prepare your visit by letting us know which documents you require (you may consult one document at a time).  

Please log into your personal account and which documents you wish to consult via the catalogue. You can request 3 documents per day jour. Before making your request, please remember to check whether the documents are available in digital or microfilm format. 



to reserve a place in the library.


You can contact us if you have any question.







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