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Digital resources

The digital collections of the BULAC reflect the wealth and diversity of our heritage holdings from all over the world and bring together documents chosen from among the library's most precious holdings—ancient prints, manuscripts, engravings, periodicals, etc.

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Grégoire Maisonneuve / BULAC

Digitized heritage collections

These documents from before 1941 are rare and may be limited print runs or dedicated copies and are hard to find in their home countries. Please note that the digital collections' are regularly enriched with further selections. How to run a search on the BULAC digital collections?

  • You can browse through the different Collections (classified in different holdings) and select the document you require.
  • You can also search through a map showing the places the documents were published.
  • If you know the title or the author's name you can make a request via the search box at the top right of the page.
Vue d'un sarlawh de frontispice enluminé (style persan safavide ; بسم الله basmalah dans un rectangle ; dôme polylobé bleu s’inscrivant dans dôme doré orné de volutes florales ; cadre rouge à croix blanches)

Frontispice enluminé d'un recueil manuscrit de poèmes de Shiraz copié en 1084H. عرفی شیرازیدیوان عرفی | ‛Urfī Šīrāzī, Dīwān-i ‛Urfī. 1673. Collections de la BULAC, MS.PERS.31. Document numérisé disponible sur

Manuscrits du Lanna de l’EFEO

Manuscrits du Lanna de l’EFEO.

Digital resources

Ressources électroniques

The BULAC provides access to online journals, e-books and databases. The BULAC has current subscriptions to journals which can be consulted using workstations in the library and some remote access resources can be consulted by all registered readers.

The years of editions which are accessible online vary according to the journals concerned. For some journals, we have access to all years whereas for others only a limited number of editions is available. The available years are mentioned under the journal title on our online journals portal. If you need an edition of a journal which is not covered by our subscriptions then you will be requested to pay for individual articles.