Rez-de-jardin de la BULAC
Publié : 15 juin 2021

General Conditions of Purchase

These General Conditions of Purchase are intended to provide the framework of the contractual relations between the Bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilisations (BULAC).

Hall du Pôle des langues et civilisations
Publié : 24 juillet 2021

How to come to the library?

The library is delighted to welcome you!

Rez-de-jardin de la BULAC, secteur Asie centrale
Publié : 08 mai 2021

How to find a document?

The BULAC has a multi-script catalog, which allows you to search in the alphabet of your choice.

La BULAC vue de la rue des Grands Moulins, de nuit
Publié : 26 juillet 2021

Who are we?

BULAC's primary mission is to create relevant and strong collections of books and documents, mainly in vernacular languages, relevant to the languages and civilisations of the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, the Maghreb, the Near East, the Middle East, Central Asia...

Pothi tibétain
Publié : 23 juillet 2021


The BULAC's collections give access to a wide range of resources for each geographical area: Africa, Middle East, Maghreb and Central Asia, Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, America and Greenland, Pacific Oceania.

Lecteur utilisant un ordinateur en salle de lecture
Publié : 08 mai 2021

Digital resources

The digital collections of the BULAC reflect the wealth and diversity of our heritage holdings from all over the world and bring together documents chosen from among the library's most precious holdings—ancient prints, manuscripts, engravings, periodicals, etc.